Bolt by John Powell


Now shooting towards the top of my favorite films is Bolt.  What a masterpiece of art.  The film, the score, the heart, the comedy, the action, and the journey across America.  It’s a perfect film for anyone who loves animation and anyone who has that connection with their dog.

Bolt is a testament to the genius of John Lasseter and his team at Disney. For one thing, the animation blends modern CGI techniques with old school hand-painted Disney backgrounds (later rendered into 3D models).  You can watch this film over and over to dig deeper into appreciating the level of artistry, love, and perfection behind it.

And here John Powell delivers one of his best scores (alongside How to Train Your Dragon).  What’s so fun about this score is the way it jumps between high octane action and sweet heartfelt moments driven by the simple piano melody that’s later played by a big brass section and swelling strings. 

The film has so many high points, like when Bolt discovers that he’s not who he thought he was, or the moments of disappointment when he realizes he’s been replaced.  Heart-crushing, but in the end you will be left with tears of joy reminding you of the beauty of a dog’s unbreakable loyalty to their best friend. 

Here’s a journey through the score in ten minutes. 


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